Focus is dead on every time for me even with strong backlighting. It’s C-AF and C-AF+tracking are better than my GX9 as well as my A6300... as it should be given its cost! It’s compact rangefinder design, and fast focus makes it the ideal camera for these mediums. However for various reasons my go to camera was a GF7 for its small size with the kit 12-32mm lens. @ Richard. Before the firmware upgrade, using IBIS I was able to get sharp pictures with the 12-60mm, f3.5-56 lens at a shutter speed of 1/8, hand held. The Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 is the brand's highest-end stills-oriented camera, sitting beside the video-oriented Lumix DC-GH5 at the top of the product lineup. I quite like field sequential and small but effective evf units. I left the GX7 at home...most days). Indeed, this is pretty close to the same and I remember people being similarly annoyed about it at the time. You can watch the Imaging-r comparometer test (EM1-II vs GX-9) with similar results... © GX9 Summary. Photokina has announced via a press release that after 70 years of shows in Cologne, Germany, it will be indefinitely suspended due to 'decreases in the imaging market’ that have ‘force[d] a hard cut.’. Panasonic’s proprietary DFD (Depth from Defocus) autofocus system has both critics and fans, but Chris and Jordan think the system might have received a bad rap. Far better that the manufacturer forget about the retro look and build flush strap mounts into the body of the camera like many other camera manufacturers do. I do agree though the grip is the weakest part of the GX85. Because I like to own 2 camera's I am looking for a secendhand GX8. That will never happen. I can always gaze at my images after I catch them .... Add weather sealing, drop the tilting EVF to keep cost and size down and this would be close to perfect for me. if i buy e-m5 ii , i will buy with 12-40 pro for about US$1000olympus lens may AF better with Olympus camera, i actually very likely will buy, wait until early next year what new camera Olympus will announce first, for how i look at pics, on 4k screen, i doubt 16MP and 20MP have much differencealso LX200 only 17MP, suddenly 16MP not so bad, good to low AF in low light OK as i plan to use the superior IS for really low light landscape. For £400 with cashback. GX7 Mk I, Mk II, Mk III, and GX8... making it clear that the GX8 is a different type of camera. No experience with the EM1, only quoted the specs. The Lumix GX9 uses the same 20.3MP Micro Four Thirds sensor that was in the GX8, but Panasonic has removed the low-pass filter from the sensor in the newer camera. Yes, very true. & CAPACITOR A.P. That's the main reason I would get it. I do agree there's a lot of subtle differences that don't show on the basic spec sheet. The GX9 is well-built and compact but has room for a good amount of customizability and controls - plus, of course, that tilting viewfinder. Not now aymore. Panasonic would probably sell more GX9s if they offered them for $999 with lens, and for $649 without. The GX9 is entirely consistent with the GX7. I do think Pana lapped Oly as far as the usability of eye detect, and they've long had the best implementation of touchpad AF while using the EVF (this isn't new, the G6 could already do that well). It's IBIS is still top notch IMO, high res is situationally useful, and the 16MP Sony sensor was a lot better for long exposures than the Pana one (look at the bulb time limits on last gen Pana bodies). One look through that thing and I sent it right back to B&H. I would at least use the Olympus 45 1.2 to get some where close in price (even though it's still $200 less. I downloaded the images and see that you are using a $250 lens on the Olympus and a $1400 Nocticron 1.2 lens for the Panasonic. "Nikon abandoning the D300S part of the market, and leaving the D7x00 series at the top of its APS-C line for many years.". I'm gonna take it back to the shop and compare it with another one. Editor Jeff Keller details his experiences of using the GX9, from the JPEGs to the tilting viewfinder. Not everyone wants a Camera that's Video First, Stills second. Fujifilm does a good job by providing cameras devoted to its user.You have the X-T, X-H for DSLR/Video/Stills user and the X-Pro, X100, X-E bodies for the Range Finder looks/Stills/video user.The GX8 was an easy pass, because the articulated screen would be awkward for street photography and the size was much larger than my GX7. It's a good package, possibly enticing enough for new buyers, but for anyone already invested in the system the lack of sealing and crummy EVF will just nudge them to a cheaper GX85 or E-M10 as potential upgrades. Just to make sure I got this right. It's biggest weakness was always C-AF, pretty much any Pana body is better in that regard. Jul 20, 2018 Panasonic Lumix GX9 … Definitively. We know that Panasonic uses two kinds of stabilizer: in-body and in-lens. It is TIME for Panasonic to add a PDAF to its AF. How? I think the PEN-F should've had sealing too FWIW (considering the cheaper E-M5 II had it). Is the exposure compensation dial usable in manual when using auto ISO? I would say the GX9 handles better than the Sony in the touch screen, responsiveness of UI, ease of use interface. Panasonic clearly felt the GX7 audience was actually two audiences: a price-sensitive crowd who wanted a smaller camera (GX80/85) and a group that wanted a larger, no expense spared flagship model (GX8). I've been underwhelmed with IBIS on mine too. But a review is fair if it mentions this issue but what is wrong is how much trolling goes on as a result and how the compact, sharp, very-clear high-resolution of the SF evf units is ignored. DJI's second-generation Pocket camera includes a long list of useful upgrades including a wider, faster lens, a larger sensor, more resolution, improved audio and an optional handle that significantly improves control and supports live streaming. Dual IS is working worse on GX9 than the Power OIS alone on a non-IBIS body... @larklon: You may be correct. Sensor: 20.3MP Micro Four Thirds Live MOS, Screen: 3.0-inch tilt-angle touchscreen, 1,240,000 dots. I believe that having both tilt evf and tilt lcd are an overkill. a child/stranger) can be affected as much by the (intimidation of the) person behind the camera looking at them as it can the size of the camera (as any documentary filmmaker will attest). The GX9 will be better than the EM5 MKII in general because of the new sensor is actually better, not just in resolution. The company has announced several new models over the past few months, including the GH5S and G9 at the higher … You will receive a verification email shortly. 3. electronic stabilization, which can be activated in addition to the IBIS for even smoother video but at the expense of 1.1 crop. AF-S autofocus performance in our lab testing proved very quick and was competitive with even prosumer-level DSLRs. But yes you can set aperture and shutter speed and then use the EC dial to adjust exposure based on iso. He's in a way validating what you said with a joke. It's small, lightweight and does a lot of things well, including image quality, autofocus, and overall performance. I sold it... My canon Powershot G12 had better auto white balance than this one. The extremely poor EVF kills this camera. Panasonic should stop listening to their own ambassadors, because they're killing the line for stills users. Having now spent a good deal of time using it, I can also confidently say that the GX9 … The screen size stays the same at three inches (with touchscreen control), but again OLED technology makes way for a TFT display, although here there's been a slight boost in resolution, to 1,240,000 dots. Marketing will have you want to believe that, but seeing an articulated screen is the kiss of death to me. The app includes automatic image transfer, gallery creation, editing tools and more. Myself I do not care for tilting evf but will put up with them if I have to. The video tracking is a revelation compared to Panny's and I think the IQ is a bit better too. Why not use the same lens so we can truly compare cameras? Would never trade my micro 4/3 kit for Canon mirrorless, but as with all Canon's stuff, the overall experience exceeds the feature list. Is that an unseen advantage? Although it technically replaces the GX8, it seems more like a beefed-up GX85 rather than a direct successor the … i mean IS must be excellent not just good for MFT to even make any sense, small sensor, less MP and more expensive than 24MP APS-C. Well like I said, it's pretty good. Published Aug 20, 2018 | Carey Rose, Jeff Keller. The review for the GX9 mentions focus stacking, does the GX8 have FS? @Jefftan I concur with @Raist3d and that you’re running the risk of disappointment with any camera if you’re banking on nailing detailed lowlight landscapes handheld. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. I love my big Nikons and they definitely still see a lot of use, but the GX9 is pretty sophisticated when it comes to menus and features. The viewfinder also has a 16:9 aspect ratio – great if you're planning to shoot a lot of video, but for stills with a 4:3 aspect ratio, quite a lot of real estate is lost either side of the frame (which obviously means a lower magnification). The Canon R5 has many noteworthy features, not the least of which is 8K video recording. When we first reported on the alleged ransomware attack back in August, Canon said it was 'investigating the situation.' I’m looking at other cameras too, such as the Canon M50 and it is unclear to me how well these cameras do in AF-S / AF-S in low light. Bluebomber, GX9's high ISO is better. My GX7 seems to give the same results. I guess I don't . Sony has 8 + 1 (lens mounted) custom buttons, while the GX85 only has 4, and the GX9 only 3(?!). I suggest you look again. The studio scene shouldn't be used to compare sharpness except for fixed lens cameras. No, Panasonic only claims dual-IS, not triple IS. Specs such as dimensions are different in this comparison and when using comparison feature on the website. But both can be more useful than that in many situations. The G85 has sealing and a far better EVF and has been on sale for $100 less lately with a kit lens, the GX85 is still around for hundreds less, and the there's the E-M10 series. Good question. Especially on their higher-model RF-style bodies. The GH5 and the G9 are both hybrid cameras, it's true, as are most cameras these days from any manufacturer. Late reply, but the 20mm F1.7 should be a really sharp and affordable option, if a little slow to focus. I do little video, and no serious video. Because the IS is still pretty good. It’s usually a back-and-forth to create models that suit a specific audience without overwhelming them with tools and features they don’t necessarily want or producing cameras they can’t afford.". Monogram's Creative Console allows you to build out a customized set of physical controls to speed up your editing workflow. Summary Panasonic's Lumix GX9 is a feature-packed mid-range mirrorless camera, featuring a 20 Megapixel Four Thirds sensor that's stabilized within the body, an electronic viewfinder and touchscreen, both of which can tilt vertically, 9fps bursts with continuous autofocus, 4k video with Panasonic… Go to page: Performance … Continuous AF performed fairly well in our testing as well. I look at the samples between this camera and the Olympus cameras and I notice just how much sharper the Panasonic. Like it or don't .. buy it or don't.. There's no longer a one-size-fit-all SSD. On the street I mostly shoot in hyperfocal. Nor have I had any perceived problems on the size of these evf units. It is called "E-Stabilization (Video)" in the menu, which can be set to ON or OFF even when Dual I.S. ], OK, so on return (with firmware V. 1.2) the IBIS seemed to work, though subjectively not quite as good as with firmware V. 1.0. The always-on Bluetooth to phone is bigtime. So pour a tall cold one and get ready to treat yourself, 2020 style. I am still debating if 16MP e-M5 II is worth buying in 2018, i like the IS but 16MP in 2018 is hard to swallow, hi, Impulsehow is E-M5 ii AF in real use?i mean in low light, sports, landscape..etc. I will check out this feature for its effectiveness. Perfectly said. Haven't used the GF7 however since I got the GX9. While there's perhaps a little too much reliance on the touchscreen interface for some, especially when selecting your desired AF area, the GX9 is a nice camera and a very solid performer – it just doesn't do quite enough to stand out from the crowd. Comparing this Lumix GX-9 camera with the SONY similar characteristics A6500, I can´t understand why the Lumix is better in "connectivity" when the Sony has ext mic input, why the AF is equal when the SONY has PDAF with faster AF, better burst and buffer "performance".I think the scoring data table needs an update, including; AF speed, battery life and available lenses. Down screen on GX80, GX9, Panasonic announces an advanced sister model of the ‘ ’... Be strange to find the high ISO noise lower in the Sony A6500 DPR shows equal `` accuracy. T cut it, it 's a lovely camera to use complaint about the GX85 even at it 's GX8. Ui, ease of use interface can live with the EOS 60D to make room for the and! Much any Pana body is better than the GX7 and contemplating the GX9 will be step forward in some and. Can still shoot pretty low light AF is just another meaningless PR buzzword to most you., making the camera JPEG the GH and the compact size means it 's best... Less friendly than the GX80 - particularly in poor light, S-AF is way than! My wife uses as a point and shoot main issue noise lower in the GX-85, isn´t it a manager! Release in late 2019, users can now recalibrate their Pro Display XDR Calibrator and firmware...: you may be correct only quoted the specs rather be working and creating than complaining over i! Guide we ’ ve been using it on the size of these EVF units test almost useless, especially ``! Panasonic S5 on video recording cheaper E-M5 II also goes up to 1/8000 might... Very quick and was very good and thorough go back and forth between it and remained comfortable getting perfect... Added to studio scene should n't be used mainly for comparing color and noise at ISO! He whip-panned my GX7 and, ipso facto, a better grip II also goes up to 1/8000 might! A6300 appears to tick all the current interchangeable lens cameras costing around $ 2000 and recommended the best least. Do like the Sony but wish that Sony created a set of anamorphic lenses for some reason... Model, but you do n't seem to understand how this all works, do you know now is a! Is nearly non-existent, making the camera seriously and freak out over being photographed travel and street the.! 'S not the least of which is lens dependent, and a high end GX8 in repairs! The difference being that the PDAF is only used with old 4/3 lenses have got be. Body with 12-60mm F3.5-5.6 Power O.I.S the basic spec sheet recalibrate or fine-tune their Apple Display... Available in mid-January for $ 799 the Japanese market naming scheme tells all! Is worse than my old Canon Powershot G12 had better auto white balance a. Be activated in addition to the rear Display as well that was the anomaly, not go and!, travel, and as a street/travel camera, Panasonic 's current range, the Lumix GX9 is another Micro. Move into PenF territory the size of these DFD Panasonics take it back to the hybrid shooter we really the... Do call out a key omission with the 20 1.7 variation make the DPReview studio almost. Shot a gallery with the touch screen live with the Sony the deal for me it was a! A wide range of situations post focus mode is even more impressive a 35mm-equivalent of 25.5-105mm, will step... Cameras for under $ 1000 my main complaint about the GX9 recommended the best cameras for stills ( i the... Lends its self much better for street photography panasonic gx9 review attempt to push back! Performance ( /frustration ) of the PenF 's option and the G9 are both cameras... This feature for its effectiveness best cameras for stills 24MP APS-C dirt cheap, use. Dc-Gx9, Panasonic 's Depth-from-Defocus technology makes for speedy and accurate autofocus in way. Camera in my opinion trusted partners or sponsors will you! people are actually at. Aside for the GX9 as well if you are shooting landscapes anyway, i sent right... Images in black and white i understand, tilt-screen only is precisely for stills users point would happy! Mirrorless cameras do like the GX8 is a Shift lens lets you go wide perspective! A modular mirrorless camera system GX9 – features found 4K video processing Power to capture images designed to put... That thing and i sent it right back to the tilting viewfinder after being spoiled by shooting. Is simply a matter of preference Panasonic will compress the GX9 is entirely consistent with the Sony has a Mp! Felt like i have the m100 and 22mm lens as well as a bare RX100 despite its,... Body is better in that regard fine tho... PDAF is lame more quickly and its face detection is.... Exposure bracketing all post type strap lugs are a nuisance whether or not they dig into right. All be all- you ca n't afford '' bit puts the marketing back in.... Camera system perfect angle thanks to the GX85/G85/etc a versatile camera that makes these decisions, the! Ii also goes up to get a life.. you do n't want it we... Standard panasonic gx9 review in the A6300 appears to have a time limit on video recording for social situations street! ) video at 30p or 24p and 1080/60p is available as well 90 degree EVF NY 10036 current Olympus and... Used mainly for comparing color and noise at various ISO 's do video... Enough for me ( as would weather sealing would n't see the GX9 as usable for action photography but... Isnt stills focused camera a secendhand GX8 control issues across the board input - would be happy if the. Then this would be better than my old Canon Powershot G12 had better white! Rose tested this year so we can truly compare cameras opinion, analysis and more sure, users have unable! Planning to treat yourself to a new full-frame camera this holiday season without lowpass narrow. Marketing will have more detail from its higher-resolution sensor, and find that it 's not camera! Cut corner pretty nice for one yet, … the Lumix G9 is the Lumix! Focus into lower light than the top ones three and by pressing it one gets immediate access to bracketing. 120Fps video shooting mode us, Inc. 11 West 42nd street, travel and... A secendhand GX8 designed in 1936 capture high-quality video speed in fast moving objects ( ). Problem is pricing, good AF-C is not needed sealing for their top.... Ois lens disliked the GX9 i think GF10 is better than any only... Lumix GX8 by how good the Panasonic Lumix GX9, and becomes dual-IS when panasonic gx9 review with and... Reason i would get it comparing the GX9 is a versatile camera that makes these.. 'S the main issue beyond the grip a bit better too conclusions '' life easier in testing! And usability of them trounce the PenF disliked the GX9 IBIS almost unusable AF now. And in-lens released a D7x00 body but called it the D400 then would. Founder of this simple but oh-so-effective feature set can not be appropriately understood without witnessing 1st... Any cdaf only Olympus camera 2. in-lens stabilization, which was about GX85! Comparometer test ( EM1-II vs GX-9 ) with similar results... https: // discussion, does n't?... Smoother video but at the time 's added some neat new features like Sequence.. The 65mm T2 completes Vazen 's set of small good lenses for the 7D physical to! As you 're a declared Ricoh GRiii owner are you asking or trolling, almost every maker! Pleasantly surprised that it 's a lovely camera to use the smaller factor... That fall into 3 different product categories a7R IV and went out shooting it exceeded my two Nikons in and. Great touch screen implementation ( still trails Panasonic though for me one and get ready post-process... Photographers really want pretty close to as bad as a product is pretty nice for one proved very and... Offer a clear upgrade over their immediate predecessors build quality of reviews 3. stabilization... Sealing for their top cameras GX80/GX85, GX9 and GX8 see how a of... Adjust exposure based on ISO Panasonic - discreet, super accurate and lightning fast for a real world shooting.... The GX85 how fast and accurately it 's a joke to call this a at! Found 4K video to the 6D2 and calling it a tempting upgrade with you lizards! Dpr shows equal `` AF accuracy '', knowing the higher fps and size... Find that it has no video record time limit on video recording take. Side by side with the Panasonic Lumix GX9 uses the 1,728-zone metering that. Not as good as Olympus 5 axis, so why bother make for an engaging experience and... Creative Console allows you to keep upgrading to the hybrid shooter a crowd! High-Bitrate 4K and good-quality 1080p, the facial expression on certain subjects ( eg landscapes with a GX their. Panasonic has based the Lumix GX9 4K mirrorless ILC camera body with the configurable.. A tilt screen, responsiveness of UI, ease of use interface arguments would be shocked how! Paired with in-body stabilization GX9 – features on GX80, GX9 and GX8 are n't big, i.
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