Anyway, have fun using these words guys! For example: I forgot where I put my Alien Registration Card. ” (In all honesty ... “Jinjja gyosunimkkeseo sukjega eopdago hasyeoseoyo!” ... (Btw, I’m not sure if the hangul for those last two sentences are right, so please correct me if I’m wrong.) Pronunciation - Juhng-mal. DAEBAK! I’ve almost resurfaced from under all … English words for 진짜 include the real and real thing. kalau tulisan hangul ini juga udah gak asing pasti buat kalian 사랑해, 미안해, 진짜, 대박 dst…. !” 6.) - Jeongmal Gwaenchana? This expression means “Really? :) They don’t like to use subjects, and they don’t distinguish active and pasive relation on adjectives. # 1. 17. This expression means “What should I do now? You may well have heard this one a million times before, but it is still popular and widely used. 18. Examples: 1) 정말 미안해 - Jeongmal Mianhae - I'm really/truly sorry. Setting your Language Level helps other users provide you with answers that aren't too … Free Learning Korean Language for Beginner has 817 members. 2) 정말 괜찮아? Daebak! Ottoke?! 대박 (daebak) – Awesome. The Language Level symbol shows a user's proficiency in the languages they're interested in. Kalian yang suka nonton drama korea pasti udah gak asing lagi dengan kata-kata Saranghae, mianhae, annyeong, jinjja, daebak, dst…. Ottoke?! Omo! 대박 (daebak) is an exclamation that’s meaning has changed from 대박나다 (daebangnada | to be very successful) to now mean “awesome” or “wow” or to describe anything that is shocking or amazing! Formal and honorofic speech - 정말 신납니다. 정말 미안해요/Jeongmal mianhaeyo - I am truly sorry. Hangul - 정말. Saya baru belajar membuat Blog, dan ini adalah Blog pertama saya. Jinjja, Bom? !” This is usually used when you’re in a difficult situation. Jinjja?! While their meanings are super duper close and you can change them just know that jinjja is slightly more casual talk than jeongmal which is more polite. !” or “Seriously? This group bring help to those who wants to learn Korean Language for free mostly the beginners. I want to show real Korean here, as some answers are in wrong grammar and unnatural ways. - Are you really/truly okay? May 18, 2016 - To say really in Korean, you say "jinjja" (in Hangul:진짜 ) or jeongmal (정말), but to fully understand these words, you need to take a look at the examples and how they are used in context. Example: 진짜 미안해요/Jinjja mianhaeyo.. - I'm really sorry. 5.) This expression means “Awesome!” or “Amazing!” 7.) Translation - Really, truely. Find more Korean words at! Romanization - Jeongmal.
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