What can you expect if you choose the wrong golf shaft flex for your unique golf swing? 245 . Based on your input, an optimal shaft and flex will be recommended … What can you expect if you choose the wrong golf shaft flex for your unique golf … Each shafts key specifications are added, allowing for quick comparison. No problem, we have provided you with the Hireko Golf Swingweight Calculator to provide you with the information you are looking for. 175 . JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. All Shafts are S Flex. Although it felt "whippy" and played soft, I was able to find the fairway all day and still have good distance. This is done by entering your swing speed. Shaft designers have many ways to change the performance and feel of a golf shaft … The Truth About Golf Shaft Flex. * Special note: ALL shafts … For example if you have a slow golf swing then you need a shaft with greater flex, and vice versa if your swing is extremely fast then you need a (Extra Stiff) shaft. You can play a softer shaft and be penalized less than playing a shaft that is too stiff. 2. Which type of golf shaft are you looking to replace? My shaft recommendation was the ProLaunch NV65 regular flex which is what I have in my Ping When I changed it from both distance and accuracy to only distance it came up with the Prototype NT in stiff flex Very interesting stuff for someone who doesn't know alot about shafts Golf shafts have many technical specifications that you, as an average golfer, likely never consider. Generally, the faster your swing the speed, the stiffer the shaft … Clear selected. 315 . S-Flex typically stands for STIFF flex and A typically stands for SENIOR flex. Most of the specs of your golf clubs remain a secret from you playing partners. This chart is designed to give you a basic guideline for most golf driver shafts. When you select the right flex, the club face will be square on the ball improving accuracy. requires club fitting and testing. Next. All in Regular Flex. Too stiff - You are playing a golf driver shaft flex that is too stiff. Helps you choose the correct golf loft for your driver. The proper shaft flex for your swing speed helps produce the optimal trajectory for your shots. How to choose the right golf shaft flex? With this said, let's find you the right flex right off the bat! How about a golf calculator to help you choose the correct length for your clubs or grip size? Choose from fitting, loft, grip sizing and swingweight. Thus each golfer must take a look at his or her natural swing tendencies before selecting the shaft flex best for their overall game. "Flex" refers to the ability of a golf shaft to bend as forces are applied to it during the golf swing. We use encrypted SSL security to ensure that your credit card information is 100% protected. Shaft flex, a measurement of how much a shaft will bend under a certain load, is directly related to the trajectory, distance and feel. Looking for interactive online golf tools to help you choose the correct golf shaft or grip? We offer 2 options in our BombTech Driver seen below. Looking for the proper lofted driver for your game? For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. There are five generally used ratings for shaft flex… There are no calculation … For example: My average swing speed is around 118-120 mph and I normally swing Stiff flex. When we put a customer through a fitting, we determine the right profile, weight, and flex … This is because you usually are going to substitute a hybrid for one of your longer irons so making the shaft flex similar makes sense. Hybrid. That is our question of the day. Buy The Modern Guide To Clubmaking Now In It's 6th Edition Here For Only $29.95! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. 1. Companies have marketed junior clubs with shafts that were proven to be too flexible, and at the other end of the spectrum Tiger Woods successfully played an extra stiff adult shaft … > Go to Hireko Golf … When they go to buy a new club they “know” that they need a _____ flex (despite the fact that there are absolutely no industry standards).What the average golfer pays no mind to is shaft weight. The common assumption is that you will be hitting a large fade or slice because it is too soft. As golf shaft technology continues to advance, manufacturers are experimenting more with bend profiles within golf shaft flex segments; in other words, not all stiff golf shafts bend the same. The reason we may go slightly lighter with the shaft weight in the … Call us at 1-802-560-3192 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. But those … 280 . What flex will you choose? The shaft will flex during a swing, which changes the position of the club head. Let me say, that every golf shaft company varies in their flex ratings and measurements. If you are a golf club addict, you probably can’t wait for Black Friday to score some deals on trendy golf iron sets. If your swing speed is faster than 95 mph, then you should try a stiff shaft. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. 210 . The more flexible the shaft is, the easier it is to bend (or flex) the shaft during a swing. Your trajectory will be low and to the right with a loss in distance potential. In essence flex is the ability of a golf shaft to bend during the golf swing. It is fast, fun...and best of all, free! The GetFit module was designed to help you choose the best golf shaft flex, grip size and club length for your particular game. In only a few simple steps, we can show you what the final grip size will be. We’ve created an extensive list of Project X shafts and their flex codes. The quality of the product will affect your ability to strike a golf ball properly. For some, it’s th… What is your 150 Yard Club / Driver Club Head Speed? Powerbilt golf glovesshoe_size=8099tee_height=2607shoe_size=8085. Limited Edition BombTech 3.0 Black Iron Set. Within all the R-Flex shafts from Aldila, we see shafts with a tip section design that ranges from the very tip-soft (Habanero 60-R) all the way up to the moderately tip stiff design of the RIP Gamma 60-3.6-R. If you don't LOVE them, just ship them back and we will take care of the rest. Shaft Flex – It is very difficult to design a junior shaft that matches the varying swing speeds of juniors. All you need to do is enter the grip core size, shaft butt diameter, starting grip size and how many wraps of build up tape you may want to add (if any). Too soft - You are playing a golf driver shaft flex that is too soft, what can you expect? Helps you choose the correct golf flex, grip size and club length. Flex Chart: Use the Charts below to determine the proper flex… Limited Edition BombTech 52, 56 and 60 Wedge Set, NEW! Newer Post →. If both these R-flex shafts … This chart is designed to give you a basic guideline for most golf driver shafts. 3 - … > Looking to becoming a golf clubmaker or improve your clubmaking skills? Insider Tip: Swing Tempo Matters. Shafts … Shaft flex affects your accuracy and determines the trajectory of the shot. When you’re looking to add a 72 degree golf wedge to your set, you should first know all the shots you can use golf wedges for, as well as how to make your golf wedges spin. What can you expect? The list is sorted by MPF, with the most flexible shafts at the top of the list and progressing to the extra stiff shaft options. With over 400,000 clubs sold we understand that the only thing that matters is your satisfaction. A 72 degree golf wedge ... We are so confident that you will love your new BombTech clubs that we back your order with a 60 day on course guarantee. The interactive golf calculator utilizes in depth questions to dial in these important clubfitting parameters. What's your average driver carry distance in yards? Start by using a launch monitor to analyze your golf swing speed. Selecting the right flex for your golf club shafts is key to getting the most out of your clubs. And who’s to blame you?
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