If you want to learn this beautiful and fun language, the FSI courses are the best investment you can make. The School of Language Studies (SLS) provides language and culture training to U.S. government employees with job-related needs. FSI Basic German is a complete course for beginners that gives you a strong foundation in the language, rapidly enabling you to function in German in a variety of situations. Over the years the FSI has released courses for over 40 languages into the public domain, meaning they are free for anyone to copy or download. The materials included in the course are a text book (pdf) consisting of various exercises and tests, an instructor's manual with answers for each lesson, and the corresponding audio tracks recorded by native Spanish speakers. Given the fact that it’s completely free it won’t hurt to try it out. Well, that’s the impressive thing about this course. In the writing sections you will write either common syllables such as “que” and “qui” or words with similar sounds. The curriculum consists of 2 volumes with total of 45 units or lessons (I prefer to use the word lessons and will refer to the "units" as lessons in this review). 4.0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT, IF A LITTLE DRY. It consists of two volumes of 12 units each that were designed to give students a good grounding in the language, allowing them to cope with a wide range of formal and informal situations in French. FSI’s School of Language Studies (SLS) offers instruction in over 65 languages, with course length and curricula targeted at a range of language proficiency, from survival to advanced language skills, to enhance the foreign affairs community’s ability to work and live abroad effectively. There are four levels from beginner to advanced levels, with a very noticeable progressio… Rocket Arabic. If you want to find out more, please review our. After that things got hard fast and each lesson took 3-6 hours each. If you’d like to see how they’re structured, this is a great example of the way they’ve got things formatted. Finally my biggest qualm about the FSI's Spanish course is that is very dry and very boring. The lessons got progressively larger and more difficult. Best For The strength of this course is that it covers the entire range of grammatical structures necessary to effectively communicate in the language. I guess if you’re a no nonsense/straight to the point person this curriculum might be good for you. Also the instructor's manual didn't have all of the answers for the tests and exercises. By, Apr 16, 2018 / The free FSI language courses. If you’re looking to learn a language that’s sure to come in useful, as the fourth most spoken language in the world as well as the one with the second-highest number of native speakers, Spanish should be near the top of your list.. © Language Learning Library 2020. Below is the link to the FSI's Spanish courses. The Foreign Service Institute, FSI, is a branch of the US government that is charged with providing diplomatic staff with the training they require to function effectively in their posts abroad. Even so there where a few drawbacks in the material. I remember I would literally hear the recordings of the dialogue in my head when I went to sleep. One special feature of each French program is the periodic occurrence of work-related language-use exercises. Learn 10 easy grammar rules that will help you learn 1,000 words almost instantly! LiveLingua: FSI Language Courses review by Joe Kos on 08/20/2019 Good educational materials, but stick with the more modern material they have available. The content is just fantastically in depth. At the end of each lesson are a series of test exercises that review the material you covered in the previous lessons. The Foreign Service Institute has made its courses, which are available in over 40 languages, available completely free. FSI (Foreign Service Institute) Courses. How was FSI Greek originally used? The FSI is a department of the Federal Government that provides training for employees of the U.S. foreign affairs and their families. The Foreign Service Institute courses are widely acknowledged as the best complete courses for learning a foreign language. I’m not sure I would ever use it as the center point of my Spanish learning, but that’s mainly because it’s boring not because I don’t think it will work. The text would recommend that I listen or read something 5 times I would do 10, mainly because I couldn’t remember it otherwise and I wanted to feel comfortable with each exercise. ... With hundreds of pages of text, dozens of hours of audio, and several levels in many languages, the FSI courses are still probably the most comprehensive, free courses you can follow. Some have as many as a dozen. The Simple Action Plan for Learning Languages with FSI. They are free! Thanks to the internet this isn't a huge deal, but it is an inconvenience. This site is dedicated to language learners. FSI Course Review: A Free Langauge Course from the US Government, Feb 04, 2019 / There are several Spanish courses made by the FSI including introduction courses specifically for Latin America, Puerto Rico, and Spain. Dialect: Egyptian. FSI Courses Review They are completely free to download so it won't cost you anything to check them out. Professor Alexander Arguelles actually has a pretty good review of them on YouTube. By, Feb 28, 2018 / The thorough approach paid off because I can still remember a good amount of what I learned. Each lesson is a combination of speaking, writing, listening, and reading. By, Mar 01, 2018 / The FSI Greek course was originally created to help US diplomatic staff prepare for postings in the country. Often times they give you a written sentence in English and you have to say it in Spanish, or they give you a series of questions and you have to answer back with correct verb conjugations . Summary: The FSI language courses are free courses made by the US government. Some of your readers may be interested in knowing that the original FSI site is back online: www.fsi-language-courses.org It’s good to know that there are back-up sites now. The FSI has been around a long time so they’ve got a boatload of languages (40+) offered. Spanish learning aficionado and cofounder of Spanish Hackers. The FSI (Foreign Service Institute) language courses are arguably the best free language courses available anywhere. Helpful. The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is a division within the US Department of State. Platiquemos is based on the FSI Spanish course, updated to modern times. free and legal) resource created by the US Foreign Service Institute in the early 60s. But what is so good about these 50 year old course materials? Reviewed in the … There are many many hours of free audio available with PDF guides / ebooks. If you can get through one though, it can be a very good resource. If you’re serious about learning Spanish you may want to at least check out FSI’s curriculum. Learning a foreign language by only doing exercises and completing tests gets old really fast. They’ll also make you write out words. What is the Foreign Service Institute's Spanish Course? The majority of the courses that are hosted on this website were developed back in the 1960s and1970s, by the FSI. Spanish Basic is arguable the most comprehensive Spanish course on the internet, and that's just one of 5 courses. For German, there are five courses to choose from. Over the years the FSI has released courses for over 40 languages into the public domain, meaning they are free for anyone to copy or download. These include audio files and ebooks ranging from 119-659 pages. FSI- French Bridges Course The French language training in all the FSI French courses has been tailored to the special needs of US government personnel serving abroad. It's simply because FSI courses require actual, you know, work. There are several Spanish courses made by the FSI including introduction courses specifically for Latin America, Puerto Rico, and Spain. I went through the first couple lessons in about an hour or so. All Rights Reserved. The Spanish Language. The unfortunate thing about the courses are that they are pretty and old and boring. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The more you cover the more review material is added to each lesson which can make them pretty big. We use cookies to improve your experience while using this site. It’s aimed at getting their staff up to an exceptional level for living or working in foreign lands. First, browse the courses and investigate what’s available in your target language. The testing exercises are pretty thorough. By, Dec 15, 2018 / As usual two courses are better than one, so any course is generally better paired with additional material. I like the format of the Live Lingua site, it has the courses well arranged and all files can be downloaded for offline use. Come and download the free FSI Introduction to French Phonology language course, includes hours of free French audio and self-learning materials. I wouldn't recommend that you use this course alone to learn Spanish. I've been using the Spanish course to drill the subjunctive and have found it very useful. There 25 lessons in the first volume and 20 in the second volume. If you were to use it you would definitely want to pair it with some real life practice with native speakers. The course works as far as I can tell, and it is free, so I guess can't complain. All FSI courses are free and legal to download and use. FSI Courses Mini-Review: Free, Comprehensive, but Also Outdated. By, Full Mimic Method Review: The Essential Sounds of Spanish, Rocket Spanish: The Ultimate Review & Demo, Rosetta Stone Spanish Review (Everything You Want to Know), 5 Great Channels for Learning Spanish on Youtube, Sometimes it's hard to double check your work. The orientation page contains information […] By, May 10, 2018 / By, Feb 27, 2018 / 6 free Spanish language courses developed by the Foreign Service Institute. I want to re-learn German as an adult, having studied at high school in the 1970’s – when the courses were based entirely on books with grammar and vocabulary, and a smattering of one-on-one conversation. The good thing about this is that you spend a fair amount of time producing words and thoughts in Spanish. Their lessons are dense and cover all aspects of a foreign language. How you can use them to accelerate your language learning and gain fluency. LiveLingua: FSI Language Courses review by Joe Kos on 08/20/2019. The FSI curriculum usually pairs writing with pronunciation as well. Review of: FSI Spanish Programmatic Course, The courses are effective but they're pretty boring, The course is laid out well and very easy to follow, Lessons are highly structured and cover writing, speaking, listening, and reading. Welcome to the Yojik Website. Some of the educational material is from 50-70 years ago which is now quite dated and would no longer be worth the time to study. The thing with FSI courses is that they were originally made for government officials, so while they are very good and detailed courses, they certainly aren't the most exciting. hours of tuition in the form of audio lessons, with accompanying text for each section. Start with the first course. These are our top picks for learning Portuguese. Much of their content is dated and does have the occasional military term in there but it’s still arguably one of the best free resources available. Whether you’re hoping to cover all facets of the language or become conversationally fluent, these courses are sure to give you the most bang for your buck. But is it worth investing your time in these courses? We can't have that. We made using the FSI - Chinese - Standard Basic Course - Volume 1 material easier to use and more effective. In the case of FSI language courses, however, this is not strictly necessary as they are generally complete. Over 114+ hours of spoken Spanish dialogue in 5 separate courses, there is enough material here to take your Spanish to fluency. If you follow a course all the way through you should have a good working knowledge of your target language (especially with the BASIC courses). Thankyou for these thorough and helpful reviews of language learning apps. I don't remember any, but there could some minor issues in the later lessons. You will find here the FSI, DLI and Peace-Corps courses. The lessons usually start off with pronunciation practice where the recording plays a word or sentence and you are required to either determine if it was said correctly or say it yourself. There are over 90 (90!) 8 people found this helpful. For certain key languages, however, Programmatic courses were … Learning French? This FSI French course is an updated version of a course that was first used in 1960. Student Orientation Are you new to SLS or returning and need a refresher? Fondly known as the best in the bunch, these courses will have you firing on all cylinders when it comes to learning Russian. The courses the FSI provides are from 1967. So it could have some words or phrases that aren't as commonly used in present day Spanish. FSI Spanish Language Courses. If you stick to their curriculum you will learn some Spanish. 1. A look at one of the lesson conversations. This program contains a vast amount of language information, which the user can eventually learn to apply to pretty much any situation, giving them confidence when they come to use their new skills in a more real world setting. This review is about the Programmatic Spanish course which is the most comprehensive. FSI- Spanish Basic Course - Volume 4 The present volume, which completes the Basic Spanish course (volume 4 of 4 - Units 45 to 55) of the Foreign Service Institute, differs in several respects from the previous volumes of the series, since experience with the text has shown that certain features which were useful in early units become unnecessary at a more advanced stage. Following the dialogue there is usually a grammar point or two covered, such as the conjugation of a particular kind of verb or use of "lo" and "la", etc. The conversation is repeated several times in the audio,  focusing on either pronunciation, comprehension, and lastly fluency (being able to say it up to speed and sound natural). At the time it was aimed at future diplomats and foreign service workers; now, it’s available to any language learner with an internet connection. By, Mar 14, 2018 / I wrote some tutorials to help learners to import vocabulary lists, to digitalize documents into modifiable content, to record lists of words/phrases. And I haven't had to use the course for 8 hours per day to benefit. Free FSI language courses (from the US Foreign Service Institute) are available for download on the internet in pdf and mp3 format. Continue this thread ... with the caveat that you already have a firm foundation in the language. The courses also work well as a supplemental learning material. After the pronunciation and writing sections each lesson has a conversation to study. The core of FSI language training is the Basic courses, but these are intensive and in-depth courses that require a lot of time to complete. Developed by the foreign service institute and is now free in the public domain. You are required to listen to the recorded of the audio dialogue piece by piece and then if needed follow along with the text transcription. Good educational materials, but stick with the more modern material they have available. The FSI language courses cover over 40 languages from the most spoken in the world to some less well known ones. Mike Roberts • Posted on Mon, June 10, 2013 - 10:10 pm EST. Part of this includes language instruction, and the FSI Basic courses are at the heart of this. Their level, however, may vary, and when audio material is not available it is better to find some alternative audio input. The courses are very old, but they’re extensive and will get the job done. Like other FSI Basic courses, it is a rich source of dialogs, drills, and audio recordings, all of which can help you master this fascinating language. Some of the educational material is from 50-70 years ago which is now quite dated and would no longer be worth the time to study. Cost: Starts from $99.95 (auto-applied discount) I’ve always … The FSI's job is to train federal employees who work in the foreign relations field for the government of the United States. It’s almost an extra windfall that most languages have more than one course available!
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