It’s one of the best-known vodkas in the world, thanks to its accessible price and widespread availability. Tipplers and drinkers who look upon themselves as connoisseurs or cognoscenti would be a tad surprised to learn (if they already don’t) that vodka It is one of the only vodka brands that still use the traditional French distillation methods for itself. Here are 15 great vodka makers to try. Simply grab the additional ingredients, hunt down the perfect glass and read on for the best vodka to pair it with. Then, we factored in the price of each bottle, its purpose and versatility, and its range of flavours and aromas. Most of these brands can be purchased for between $10 and $20. To bring out the notes of the spirit, go for soda and a squeeze of lime or pair it with tonic water. Distilled five times for ultimate smoothness, it’s a little peppery and has a neutral aftertaste. When vodka is produced using something other than potato or cereal grain, like Ciroc, which is made using grapes, it must legally be declared on the bottle. Its expertise comes from years of experience: the Maître de Chais for the brand is François Thibault, who developed the original recipe for the vodka in Cognac, France. There are three types of vodka on the market, and the main difference between the three simply boils down to what’s been included during the infusion process or what’s been added after the distillation process. It’s a similar process to what’s done when producing gin (as vodka and gin production start off the same way) and results in any number of different varieties. From Tito's to Grey Goose to Effen, these are some of the best vodka brands you can buy from the store. When we put together the 2020 guide of the best vodka brands, we looked at all of the new vodka brands that have joined the market in recent years as well as those that have kept their title of success for a longer period of time. Vodka is consistently one of the top selling spirits in the US and these are the bottles that deserve a place of honor on your bar cart. No time to read through our entire list? A head and shoulders above most other vodkas on the market, Beluga stands tall as one of the most premium vodkas available. It’s a neutral-tasting bottle produced via four-column distillation with hints of flavour and little to no bitterness. It launched in New York in 1979 and has stuck to the same recipe throughout its entire production period. Wheat vodkas are generally smoother. The world loves vodka.Even as global sales declined slightly in 2018, the clear spirit claimed four spots on the world’s fastest-growing spirits brands last year.. In the world of craft spirits, vodka seems forever in search of respect. It uses a cold fermentation process to ensure the best flavours and offers a refreshingly different and excellently crisp taste. It’s distilled using a four-column still process and local, Polish water before being charcoal filtered and bottled. This smoothness can be attributed to the fact that Grey Goose is distilled five times. Its limited edition label comes from the fact that only 250 bottles of this vodka were ever released. Pinnacle vodka is produced using French grain and water from the same region as Grey Goose. Other notes include peach, black pepper, lemon and other fruits. 4. Beluga is known for being a super-premium vodka that’s produced from 100% wheat grain. Belvedere, originating from Poland, is produced at the Polmos Zyrardow distillery (known as the birthplace of all vodka) using Dankowskie Gold Rye. It’s known for its sweet, black pepper and corn notes and is a popular choice across the world. Beluga is created at the Mariinsk Distillery, in the heart of Siberia; one of the most environmentally clean and tranquil areas of Russia. A crisp vodka, it has a fresh nose and is flavoured with hints of citrus, vanilla and wheat. Ciroc vodka differs from many popular choices on the market due to the fact that it’s made from grapes, rather than grains or potatoes. The second most popular vodka in the world, Absolut is sold in 126 countries and has made a name for itself as a premium vodka without a premium price tag. It’s a smooth vodka filled with character that comes at a good price.
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