They don’t even know how to deal with their customers. Still, you shouldn’t read too much into this because, statistically speaking, customers are more likely to leave a review online when they’ve had a negative experience. Â, show that the insurer offers several discounts, though not as many as some of its competitors, such as, Aviva’s website doesn’t quantify the listed discounts, so it’s best you speak to a broker to find out how much you will save.Â. A while back my friend asked me if she could borrow my car for an hour to drop some stuff off at her mom's house for Easter. Still, you shouldn’t read too much into this because, statistically speaking, customers are more likely to leave a review online when they’ve had a negative experience. Â. They say: "Your case is being investigated we can't give you a rental car!" When asked why I was told that my other car insurance was cancelled because I had 3 minor infractions over the past 3 years! As per the. Retiree Discount – Retired and looking for auto insurance? {"@context":"","@type":"FAQPage","mainEntity":[{"@type":"Question","name":"How do I contact Aviva Insurance? I called and they explained that for me to get a COVID rebate (wow, $36 for 3 months), they had reduced my mileage to 1,000 km. The lack of transparency throughout the process and blatant poor treatment of customers to pad their bottom line speaks volumes about the company. My concern here is not so much over the personal $50 charge but is for the thousands of Canadians that are being charged $50 NSF fees by Aviva / RBC Insurance when a credit card doesn't work. Then, Aviva proceeds to charge a cancellation fee 3x greater than the original amount provided over the phone. Next thing I know my claim has been denied, for non-cooperation during the claims process. There are 45 customers that Aviva, rating them as bad. Again, I was blown away. The online application form for Aviva was very straight forward and the quote I received provided good cover at a better price than … Nikola Djurkovic is the Editor in Chief at and They don't care about their customers and are only interested in taking and taking from you. Aviva Canada Inc. acquired RBC General Insurance Company in 2016 in a $582 million deal. 5 stars awarded by 833 reviewers. Smart Money People is the UK's leading financial services review site. Intact, on the other hand, is a good fit for Uber drivers and for those who want an insurer with excellent financial strength.Â, Both Aviva and TD Insurance are affordable options. ... “ Last year, I was paying £1,344.24 a year over monthly instalments for my Aviva car insurance… Find out what genuine customers have said about With Aviva, both Lyft drivers and passengers will be protected when out on the road. Simply call the. 4 stars awarded by 162 reviewers. That's my advice and hopefully, it will prevent anyone else from having to go through the same situation I've had to deal with. From day 1, it was one issue after another. The pricing is very competitive. It gets better. However, most of the Aviva car insurance reviews on InsurEye, an independent car insurance website, are negative. Aviva’s website, while not the best in the business, is pleasing to the eye and easy to use. At $104 a month, Aviva offers a better value for the money than other auto insurers. Your information privacy and security is very important to us. Not happy with car insurance reviews for your insurance company? Clean Driving Record Discount – Like other car insurance companies, Aviva rewards drivers who manage to avoid convictions and stay claim-free. I pointed out to them that they quoted me one rate then charged me another, even wrote a letter to their ombudsman asking for a pro-rata refund because I don't want to do business with a company that operates like this. In addition to these, will not bump up your premium because of a minor driving conviction like a ticket.Â, Aviva’s record in customer service doesn’t deliver much confidence. About 2 weeks later, I get another bill from them for $11.00 which they said was a COVID adjustment. I told them that it is Covid 19 and I paid insurance every month and now it is your time to assist me and provide me with a rental car at least! \n"}},{"@type":"Question","name":"Is RBC insurance Aviva? Benefits of Aviva's Car Claims Service. You can also file a claim online by filling a form out or using Aviva’s mobile app. The first thing we noticed when we landed on Aviva’s website was its promise to put us on the road to savings if we bought auto insurance from them. I was also told that the cancellation happened 4 months ago and they sent out a registered mail - which I didn't receive - and they even that claimed my first vehicle - the one that is up for renewal - can't be insured because of the infractions! Aviva is a proud partner of Lyft, offering car insurance solutions for Lyft drivers providing ride-sharing services in Ontario. I am already in severe stress because of my car loss but Aviva Insurance giving me more stress. After trying several days and wasting my time (5 to 6 hours daily) finally I had the only first and last chance to speak with a representative to cancel my policy, he was taking his decisions over mine, that I have to have insurance (even that I'm not using the vehicle). At $104 a month, Aviva offers a better value for the money than other auto insurers. These reviews have … Only this way will you be sure that you’ve got the best bang for your buck. Car insurance just got less expensive for you thanks to Aviva’s retiree discount. And with the knowledge I still have the security of insurance with Aviva. Aviva Car Insurance Review. Their staff are super rude and my adjuster is telling me: "We can’t give a rental car as we don’t have the authority at the moment as your case has some block." For general queries, you can call the Aviva Car Insurance phone number, which is 1-800-387-4518. Coverage for loss of keys is an add-on unlike other comprehensive car insurance … 3 times apparently. – Like other car insurance companies, Aviva rewards drivers who manage to avoid convictions and stay claim-free, Guess what? My car was stolen three days ago and I reported to cops and provided them with a police report and video of the stolen car but they are not offering me a rental car. I decided to shop around for the annual renewal of my car insurance. That’s why we cannot give it a universal recommendation. However, in all other situations, The Co-operators sounds like a better choice. As per the Aviva insurance reviews, the insurer has handpicked quality auto repair shops across Canada, which you can locate through its website using your zip code or city’s name. Aviva's free 'Get You Home Service' for You and Your passengers if Your car cannot be driven following an accident in Singapore (This benefit does not … 1 stars awarded by 19 reviewers. Aviva offers all the coverages that are standard in the. Aviva also provides its Auto Lifetime Guarantee on these repairs, which basically promises that the quality of any workmanship completed at any of its Premier Network Auto Repair Centres will be up to industry standards.
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